Your Media. Your Way.

MediaStand enables you easily distribute and monetize your media materials and contents (mp3's, sermons, ebooks e.t.c). Designed for churches, authors, content creators, artists and more

Comes complete with tools to track sales, process payments, manage your content and reach a GLOBAL audience.

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Zero Setup Costs

It costs absolutely ZERO to setup on MediaStand. No monthly, yearly or recurring fees. No size limit, no limits whatsoever

Wider Reach & Distribution

Don't be limited by location, your audience is global. Reach more customers and get your materials out there swiftly

360 ° Complete Management

From uploading your content, sales notifications, daily reports to getting funds in your bank accounts. We have it all covered

Customised Store

You get a dedicated store, customised with your name and tailored to your materials e.g.

Seamless Payments

Boost your sales and process payments on the fly. We support all major bank cards out there

Easy To Use

Simple design and clean layouts, built with your users in mind and they would love it


Simple Questions


How do I signup? What are the requirements?

It's very easy to get started with MediaStand. Simply fill our signup form and your merchant account can be ready in less than 24 hours.


How do I login as a merchant?

Click on the Merchant Login link at the top of this page. Enter your username and password and you would automatically be logged in to your merchant area.

From your merchant area, you can manage your media materials, track your sales and view your settlements.


What does it cost to sign up? Is it really FREE?

Yes it is 100% FREE. You don't pay a dime to come on-board. We only get paid when a succeessful sale occurs.


Can I set the price of some of my items to be Zero (0)?

Absolutely. We know some of your materials are free, while others have a price tag. MediaStand allows you to distribute materials that are Zero (0) Naira.


When do I get paid as a merchant?

We pay out every first week of the month for the past month's sales to any bank account in Nigeria of your choice. If your accrued revenue is less than N5,000, MobileCraft would roll it over into the next month This would enable us reduce the bank transfer charges on your behalf. This is to avoid excessive bank charges.


How much do I get paid as a merchant?

Mediastand gives you a robust platform which comes with payment processing, unlimited bandwidth, uncapped storage size and gives you a global reach.
Merchants (You) take 75% of all sales. We keep 25%.